Video Production

Video production is one of the essentials. There are times when you just need real filmed video and nothing can beat that. You can create super realistic 3D animations, but filmed video is filmed video. People working or having fun is something you can’t recreate in any other form. The human emotions can, to the fullest, only be represented in a filmed form. Also, when you need a corporate video about your company, then showing your employees and owners, the actual office, meetings, car fleet or anything else, is of course the best way to express in a filmed video instead of animation. So, filmed video is best for showing people, things and scenes where you need the video to represent the reality exactly — real and/or specific people and places. It’s also very suitable for showing finely nuanced emotional moments with people, animals and scenic nature.

But, when we say filmed video, we mean it as the main part of the entire clip, not that it can’t consist of anything else other than filmed video. It can, and in our case it mostly does.  We also incorporate beautifully animated 2D or 3D titles, motion graphics, cut scenes, special effects and so on.

We capture footage in super sharp 4K and deliver in the resolution and compression you need.

If you have a need for a corporate video or other filmed material, something that will look truly spectacular, let us know and we will come up with a solution on how best to help you. For filming on location or using our vast collection of stock footage or any other means necessary.

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