Motion Graphics for Television Programs, Shows and Movies

It is said you should not judge a book by its cover. But of course you do, everyone does because there is just not enough time in your life to invest in each ‘book’ to find out if it is worth it. You need to optimize and make some guesses about things, literally within a few seconds. Authors know it and try their best to make the cover sell to the right kind of people, to get attention, interest and desire. It is Tte classic AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) marketing model.

The same goes for TV programs, shows and movies. They need to grab your attention and let you know what to generally expect within the first minute of watching. So, it all needs to be well-engineered in the sense of marketing, creativity, and beauty to make it pleasing and fitting for the program. It needs to be an organic part of the content of the TV program/show/movie, support it and blend into one coherent whole. In the case of a TV program, the opening title is not the only thing that you need to create the ‘whole’.

We can create beautiful and fittingly creative motion graphics for your television program, show or movie.

In the world of TV, we can help you with the following motion graphics services:

  • Animated Opening titles/leaders/intros that play at the beginning of your TV program.
  • Animated Lower third supers/super straps/banners that display at the bottom part of the screen which is being shown in the TV program.
  • Animated Full frame supers.
  • Animated Snipes to promote your other shows on a part of the screen during the current show.
  • Play offs and Play ons (Pump ins and Pump outs) to be played before or after an advertising break.
  • Animated Idents for channel branding.
  • Animated Transitions between the parts of the show.
  • Over The Shoulder (OTS) motion graphics to be displayed behind the program’s anchor.

So, when you have a project that needs motion graphics, beautiful opening titles or something else for your TV program, show or movie, get in touch with us and let’s make magic together!

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