Motion Graphics

Mograph or motion graphics, put simply, is graphic design that moves. That simple sentence has another meaning to it and we find it to be quite on point: the power of a moving image can touch and move people emotionally. Its exact definition is still debated because it doesn’t fit into specific lines drawn by definitions that try to be more exact than the one above. However, many agree that it differs from classic animation by being more abstract and less narrative driven. With mood fitting audio track, a moving graphic design can really drive the intended emotion home to people and is many times stronger than a static design with the same message.

Motion graphics can be part of a bigger video project as a supporting piece (lower thirds, credits, opening sequences, bumpers, etc) or it can be the main part that carries the rest of the advertising campaigns visual language. In commercial or social advertisements, motion graphics done well will make your message simple and clear to people and very memorable thanks to being visually and emotionally stimulated by an aesthetically pleasing motion and sound design.

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