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Explainer Video Animation

Animated Explainer Video Production

The animated explainer video is a technique that uses animation to, well, explain a concept or idea. The animated graphics add interest to what might otherwise be a dry narration. They can also provide graphical statistics, illustrate a point or provide a humanizing element to a factual recitation. Animated explainer videos have become the go-to […]


Video Production

Video production is one of the essentials. There are times when you just need real filmed video and nothing can beat that. You can create super realistic 3D animations, but filmed video is filmed video. People working or having fun is something you can’t recreate in any other form.

TV Graphics

Motion Graphics for Television Programs, Shows and Movies

It is said you should not judge a book by its cover. But of course you do, everyone does because there is just not enough time in your life to invest in each ‘book’ to find out if it is worth it.

Motion Graphics

Mograph or motion graphics, put simply, is graphic design that moves. That simple sentence has another meaning to it and we find it to be quite on point: the power of a moving image can touch and move people emotionally. Its exact definition is still debated because it doesn’t fit into specific lines drawn by […]

SFX produktion

Audio, Voice Over, Music, SFX Production

Have you heard that 80% of a movie experience is sound? We don’t believe it, but sound has great importance whichever way you look at it. The music conveys and drives emotions and expectations, sound effects help to emphasize certain visual elements that we want to put into the viewers focus, and voice-over audio helps […]

3D Tracking

Camera tracking Adding graphical elements or entire environments to a video is sometimes the best solution to visually explain a concept or inner workings of a system. For example, holographic projections of a room with a base-plate of an actor walking around and interacting with parts of the room requires filming the actor, and then […]

3D Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualization is one of the most natural places to use 3D animations and still images. What architectural visualization basically means is that you have a plan for a building which you probably have not built yet but need to show your customers or partners how incredibly awesome it will be. Just how amazing it […]

3D Animations production

3D animations or 3D CGI (computer generated imagery) is what you need when you want your marketing video to show something as realistically as possible without filming it, or you want some very specific cinematic special effects, to create something that looks like a movie trailer for example. 3D animation can be amazingly rich and […]

2D Animations production

If you think about animation, you probably think mostly about 2D animation. This means that the image you see is flat, with only two dimensions — height and width, but with no actual depth like the frames of 3D animation have. Two-dimensional animation is pretty much just a series of sequences that are drawn on […]

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