Audio, Voice Over, Music, SFX Production

Have you heard that 80% of a movie experience is sound? We don’t believe it, but sound has great importance whichever way you look at it. The music conveys and drives emotions and expectations, sound effects help to emphasize certain visual elements that we want to put into the viewers focus, and voice-over audio helps to explain and memorize the points made. You guessed right, we can help you with all of those.

Our voice-over talent pool is wide and consists of some of the best in the business for all sorts of projects. Men, women, bright, deep, funny or smooth voices — everything you would need. And in every possible language too! Besides the obvious German and English languages, we can offer you a voice talent in any language you require. We can help you translate and check the grammar of your own drafts too.

We have access to huge music catalogues from which we are able to choose suitable video background music from. From low priced no-name artists to megastars like Madonna. And for some specific projects, we actually produce the music in-house ourselves. So, rest assured, we will find or create the perfect music for your video project.

Besides the music and voice-over audio, we also have catalogues of sound effects at our disposal. From wooshes to explosions, from office/traffic/nature, or any other soundscape to every other sound imaginable. We pick the best sound effects to make the point that your project needs.

So be it 80% or anything else, sound matters and we have all the required capability and licensing deals to make the animations we create not only look good but to also sound great.

Get in touch and let us know about your audio or video needs!

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