Animated Explainer Video Production

The animated explainer video is a technique that uses animation to, well, explain a concept or idea. The animated graphics add interest to what might otherwise be a dry narration. They can also provide graphical statistics, illustrate a point or provide a humanizing element to a factual recitation. Animated explainer videos have become the go-to technique for online advertising, educational media, and even for entertainment. But making them isn’t necessarily easy. The process requires skill in art, design, music and software use – sometimes even computer programming. At the heart of it all is animation.

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The Roots of Animation

Explainer Video Production Example

Explainer Video Production Example

Animation is the art of making pictures that seem to move. The very earliest versions involved lampshades that turned around a candle, causing the figures painted on them to seem to move. Edison used the same technique with an electric lantern. Walt Disney used animation techniques to make full-length movies featuring folk and fairy tales, as well as his own stable of characters.

Disney immortalized animation, although he certainly wasn’t the first animator. His painstakingly drawn pictures immortalized a mouse and gave rise to an industry based on pictures that could have originated in a child’s flip book. For those of you who are not old enough to remember flip books, they were often tiny pictures in the corner of a book page. If you riffled the pictures with your thumb, they seemed to move. Most animation is based on this principal: if you draw enough pictures, showing the stages of a movement, and then show them in quick succession, the pictures will seem to move.

Modern animation is made easier through computer manipulation of pictures and CGI but still requires attention to detail. You can purchase programs that promise to help with creating presentations, but somehow, they are either so complicated the novice gives up, or so clunky that you look at what you have made in despair.

Our Role in the Animated Explainer Video Process

That is where we come in. We have the creativity, the programs, the knowledge, the programming skills and more that are needed to create animated features for your advertisement, training film, or presentation. In fact, the applications for an animated explainer video are so vast, it is hard to know where to start with explaining just what they do. But we are going to try.

In modern presentations, animation doesn’t just apply to characters or scenery. It can also be used with text, informative graphics, titles, and even the credits at the end of a video. Because animation can apply to so many different things, including how pages of text are presented, the possibilities for arranging, presenting and, yes, animating a story are almost endless. We can use the different styles of presentation to set the tone for the information or idea that you are conveying. We work with you to make sure that the style we select matches your concept or idea for your material.

Explainer videos explain things, but they go beyond that. They present ideas, they create a mood, they can uplift, inspire and cajole. They combine some of the best storytelling tools that are available today – animated pictures, words and objects; recorded sound – both music and spoken word; and even clips of live-action video recording. They use manipulation of still pictures and editing of video clips to make new things from old, and they can be used to create entirely new objects. They are the storyteller’s dream tool – a way to create new, better and more enjoyable ways to share your ideas and messages.

At this point, let’s stop talking about animated explainer videos, and dive into what they are and what they do.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video

Explainer videos range from neon arrows that flash in turn to point toward an exit, to sophisticated animation that explains a process or a concept, relating a story or an idea. For example, an animation that shows a rain cloud, a rain shower, water puddling on the earth, and then rising back to the sky is an explainer video that demonstrates the precipitation/evaporation cycle. A more common use of explainer video is to move a prospective buyer through a sales pitch for a product. Another common use is to demonstrate the steps in a process, as a training film.

With that said, there really is no limit to the ways that an explainer video can be used. Only to the imagination of the creator of the concept – when it comes to animation, not even the laws of gravity apply. The universe and beyond is yours, providing you have the skills or can hire someone else who has the skills to present your idea.

That’s where we come in – we have the skills, and we will work with you to develop your ideas. Like all artists, we do like getting paid for our work – payment being one of the most sincere compliments anyone can pay for work such as ours. But we have some good news on that front, as well as on others.

Animated Explainer Video Pricing

Animatter Studio is an animation and graphics studio that creates 3D and 2D animation. It also creates mographs, visual concepts and does video production. This means that we can produce your animated explainer video for you using just-right techniques for your product or technique that will tickle your fancy – and at a price that will keep your budget under control.

Our production team has combined talents that can create a three-second visual ad or a thirty-minute (or longer) training film for you. We use the latest and best techniques to produce quality videos of which you can be proud to have represent your company or your process. Browse the Internet for “animated explainer video” and you will find that in many cases, costs start at around $299.00, and can run up into the thousands.

Our promise to you is that we will create high-quality productions at a reasonable cost. Let’s look at how that happens.

Animated Explainer Video Production

3D Animated Explainer Video

3D Animated Explainer Video

As with all video productions, an animated explainer video begins with a concept. That will usually come from you, the client. You create a brief, explaining your idea that you want produced. We take your concept, and we create a storyboard. A storyboard is a sort of cartoon strip or set of pictures, a diagram that shows how the video will progress. It might come with a rough script, so you can understand what will be happening in the video.

We then discuss the storyboard with you to be sure that it matches the visualization of your concept. At this point, we might need to tweak our concept to match your ideas – this is your story we are telling, after all – not ours.

Next, come some decisions about the techniques to be used to present your idea. We threw some terms at you at the beginning of this text.

Now, let’s give you an explanation of what those terms mean:

2D Animation – The characters and letters in the video have height and breadth, but no depth. Think of an old-fashioned, side-scrolling video game where all the characters are flat. This style is often used for quick ads or for business concepts that do not require realism.

3D Animation – The characters look more well-rounded, closer to real life. Think of the characters in World of Warcraft – the online game, or Final Fantasy online. The graphical representations of characters have depth as well as height and width, visually speaking.  Even letters can be presented in 3-dimensional mode. Remember School House Rock? The introductory letters are drawn as three-dimensional representations.

MoGraphs – Speaking of letters, “mographs” or motion graphics is a staple of animated explainer videos. Letters can be flown in, or flow across the screen. Data presented in graphical organizers can appear to move – especially those up or down lines that show statistical change. But animation is not limited to the information in the film, it can also apply to titles, subtitles and that important set of credits that roll at the end of the production.

TV MoGraphs – Motion graphics can be an added element for your television or film show. Titles, credits, or even explanatory statistical graphs can be made eye-catching and interesting. Television viewers will rarely sit still for print scrolling across the screen. MoGraphs help bring dry information to life, capturing the attention of television viewers.

Motion Tracking – Need to explain how something works? Want to guide the viewer’s eye from step one to two and on through the various stages to ten? Motion tracking creates another element, assisting with focusing your viewer’s attention on the items required. It could be something as simple as flashing numbers, or it could be a butterfly or other animated creature that hops from point to point. The idea is to help the viewer locate the information being read or discussed. It can even be done through simple bolding of text, or color highlighting.

Filmed Video – Sometimes graphics just don’t quite do the job required. While animation is wonderful, it mimics real life. Why settle for animation when you can videotape the event and bypass all that painstaking drawing? We can add your filmed video, the live footage, to your production.

Audio Production – Music and voice-overs add a special element to your animated explainer video. They create interest and clarity, as well as setting the mood. Add dramatic music in the background for a success, or something sad and wistful if moving viewers to compassion. Music has been said to be the universal language and transcends cultural references.

We use these tools as if they were the paintbrush for a picture we are creating. They are the building blocks of the story that we will be creating with you – the story that you need to tell the world.

How would these techniques go together to tell your story? They combine in a variety of ways to express emotion, to invite, to open new ideas for the viewer. The best way to learn more about animated explainer videos is to go to our Animatter Works page and view our “Animation Show Reel 3D Motion Graphics – Animatter” example.

It tells our animated explainer story, using samples from several of our works, including a ticket-master explainer video, an ad for Allah Hindulus shopping center, a 3D commercial road administration for teens, an EvaSys intro event, and an animated Christmas card for the parliament of Estonia – just to mention a few. You can also watch the full-length examples by clicking the links on the same page.

Here is what you might see:

Explaining a Process: The ticket-master explainer video begins with live footage of a football field. A voice-over explains that Ticketmaster provides a secure way to purchase tickets to Egyptian football games. It takes the user step by step through entering an application to Ticketmaster, providing personal data through a smartphone – including biometrics, tickets can then be purchased securely.


Users present their phone record at the ticket booth on the day of the game and are issued a secure pass to the stadium. The whole thing is beautifully illustrated using 2-dimensional flat characters combined with filmed video clips, accompanied by upbeat background music.

The Brief Ad Spot: The Discount piece is a bright, cheerful example of a thirty-second spot, suitable for attaching to the beginning of a longer video or inserting in a feature piece. The color contrasts, the animated lettering, and the upbeat music make it mood-lifting and memorable.


Magestic Presentation: Need something a little more dignified? Take a look at the EvaSys intro material. First is a wide shot, an animated view of earth set to a background of classical violins, followed up by a zoom in on Zurich as the orchestra crescendos into a continuous rhythm, wall-of-sound music style. Scene change to a sharp mountain peak, as a vocal chorus in the background blends with the rise of the orchestra as the camera zooms in even closer on the mountain peak, and it transforms into an animated logo. Fast, majestic, impressive!


Commemorate a Special Occasion: eCards are another use of Animated Explainer Video. The Christmas card for the Estonian parliament is a montage of still shots of ice covered ornamental ironwork, set to an orchestral and choral rendition of a well-known Christmas carol. The effect is brief but lovely.


Your journey with us begins with deciding what you want to do with your animated explainer video. Are you setting up a training session for your workers? Are you inviting prospective customers to preview your product or process? Are you persuading someone to change their outlook? All these possibilities and more are at your fingertips with an animated explainer video.

Think of your animated explainer video as a method of storytelling – which it certainly is. The question becomes what story is it that you want to tell? Is it about your special product, about a new process, about a method of selling, or is it something less business oriented? Could it be an ideal, a way to manage your emotions, a method for balancing life goals and business goals? Stories are the way we relate to the world, and there is no better way to tell a story than with light, motion, words, and music.

Here are just a few of the potential uses:

  • Clips for television or film advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • Training films
  • Event Marketing
  • Share your product or process on social media
  • Create a 3d animated mascot for your company
  • 3D visualization of prospective architecture creations
  • Demonstrate a production process
  • Make titles, headings and subheadings and credits visually interesting and exciting
  • Frame filmed events or dramatizations with animated video clips
  • Inspire others to an action

The list could go on and on because the only limit is imagination. If you can think of a purpose for it, we can create and invent the animation to go with it. We can come up with background music and provide the voice-over talent. All we need is a direction to go in, and we can create it.

More than that, if you are unsure of how you want to say something, just tell us the message and the purpose of your video, and we will create a way to present your ideas. We can be bright, cheerful, upbeat and even funny – because nothing spreads a concept like a little bit of humor.

We can, as shown in our samples, also do dignified, majestic and inspirational. If the occasion is appropriate for it, we can even do tender – those precious moments that last only seconds in real life, but make the rest of the hours and minutes of a day, week or year worth living.

That is our promise to you – an explainer video that fits your message, so that you can get the word out in a concise, but appropriate way that fits what you are trying to say to the world. We understand your need to be heard, and we would very much like to help with that.

Animated Explainer Video UK

Animated Explainer Video UK

Animated Explainer Video UK

Animatter is located in Tallinn, Estonia, a country well known for civil liberties, freedom of the press and economic freedom. It is one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world. From this fortunate base, we make explainer videos for our Nordic neighbors, but also make our talents available to citizens of the United Kingdom. We are making video presentations that will knock the socks off your viewers, confound your competitors, and intrigue and enchant your regular customers.

Or, to put it a little less flamboyantly, we make explainer videos that get the job done. We create them quickly, and we do it at an affordable price. We can produce videos in several languages. So, while we are Nordic based, our services are also available to citizens and businesses who live and operate in the UK.

We have our eye on design and style – something we think we can easily share with our neighbors in the UK. As with all story-tellers, we are glad to share our skills with others, and are always looking for new stories to tell. We believe that we can do the tales from the UK justice with our animated explainer videos.

Therefore, we invite you to let us prepare the stories that you want to tell. Stories are the stuff of dreams. They are the straw spun into gold, the impossibly long hair let down for a lover to climb, the billowing cloak of The Highwayman galloping back to Bess, the landlord’s daughter. They are stories about whales – both Moby Dick and the real whales and their struggles with a changing ocean. They are refugees crossing borders, Olympic athletes competing, new technology making possible activities our parent didn’t even dream could be possible, and the individual triumphs of the disadvantaged.

Your stories might not be so grandiose. Maybe your story is that of a new business opening, a store in a different location, a new kind of shoe or a saddle for a horse. Maybe you have invented, or you are selling a new design of automobile, or you have a repair shop that can keep existing automobiles running, or you are trying to get across a socially responsible message. Maybe you would just like to remind people to smile, or to share a cheerful greeting when meeting others – because you never know when someone might need just a friendly smile to help them on their way. Your story might be about a favorite pet, or the unfortunate animals in a shelter, waiting for someone to select them for their new companion. Stories are everywhere, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – from picture books for little people to advertising copy.

Animated explainer videos can do all of that – and do it very well indeed. We are ready to use our skills to tell your story. Are you ready to share it with the world?

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