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Creative 3D / 2D animation, mograph, visualization and video production studio.

Our Services

Animatter Studio is your 2D/3D animation and video production studio, where we are capable of taking on, and successfully delivering projects for every need, in every size and basically in every timeframe. We are all about skills and creativity through the lens of marketing. Everything we do is based on focusing on the objective of your project.

2D Animation

If you think about animation, you probably think mostly about 2D animation. This means that the image you see is flat, with only two dimensions — height and width, but with no actual depth like the frames of 3D animation have.

3D Animation

3D animations or 3D CGI (computer generated imagery) is what you need when you want your marketing video to show something as realistically as possible without filming it, or you want some very specific cinematic special effects, to create something that looks like a movie trailer for example.

Video Production

Video production is one of the essentials. There are times when you just need real filmed video and nothing can beat that. You can create super realistic 3D animations, but filmed video is filmed video.

Motion Graphics

We can create beautiful and fittingly creative motion graphics for your television program, show or movie.

3D Visualization

Architectural visualization is one of the most natural places to use 3D animations and still images.

Audio Production

Have you heard that 80% of a movie experience is sound? We don’t believe it, but sound has great importance whichever way you look at it.

TV Mograph

Motion graphics can be part of a bigger video project as a supporting piece (lower thirds, credits, opening sequences, bumpers, etc) or it can be the main part that carries the rest of the advertising campaigns visual language.

Motion Tracking

Adding graphical elements or entire environments to a video is sometimes the best solution to visually explain a concept or inner workings of a system.

We choose the best possible means in the sense of the storyline, style and execution of your video project to make it work. So, you can be totally sure that the video or animation project will deliver the goals you set for it whether that is introducing/advertising your company, product or project or explain some product, service or process through one video or series of them.

Here are some ideas on how you can use our animation studio’s skills which we have used on some of our previous projects:

  • Create animated advertising clips for TV ads or YouTube/Facebook, etc.
  • Combine filmed video with 2D or 3D animations for TV ads or YouTube/Facebook, etc.
  • Let us professionally edit your own filmed footage, color-correct it and add appropriateititles and mo graph.
  • Create awesome openings and intermediary clips for event marketing.
  • Create animated and/or filmed clips for trade fairs.
  • Create beautiful and engaging presentations for events where you present new products/services to partners or clients or investors.
  • Create explainer videos for YouTube and other social media channels.
  • 3D character creation for mascots.
  • Create realistic 3D visualizations of your architectural projects.
  • Visualize your product in realistic 3D.
  • Create animated trailer videos for books, events, etc.
  • Create animated opening titles, lower thirds, motion graphics and animations for your TV programs, broadcasts, shows and movies.

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