3D Animations production

3D animations or 3D CGI (computer generated imagery) is what you need when you want your marketing video to show something as realistically as possible without filming it, or you want some very specific cinematic special effects, to create something that looks like a movie trailer for example. 3D animation can be amazingly rich and natural, yet impossible (or just super hard and expensive) to film. You can create a Mars environment or deep space perhaps, or you can create advertising videos for products that do not exist in the real world yet. And even for products that do exist, you still generally want to recreate them in 3D and animate the digital model instead of filming the real one. There are a  few reasons why, one being, real products are often not as flawless as you want them to look on a commercial. Even if there’s a dust particle somewhere where it doesn’t belong, it’s a problem. And you don’t have perfect control in the real world to show the product just the way you want to. The light has to be exactly at the intensity you are looking for and shine from the exact direction you need. Or maybe you need 8 different lights to achieve what you want. Then the camera angles… just think of any Apple device advertisement — how the iPhone rotates through the air, how the light reflects on the curves of the device in such a perfect way… you just can’t film this, even if you have the device at hand.

In a 3D animation you actually have all the elements you show in the form of virtual models. Even if you see only one side of the element, it often has a complete backside too. If you see the front of a car, the car probably has a properly designed back as well, as the model might need to rally past you later, or the camera might rotate, showing the car’s backend too. So, you import all the required elements in your 3D scene, of course creating most of them from scratch based on your needs. That part is called 3D modeling.

3D animations are ideal for you if you have a need for something amazingly realistic and cinematic, and if you have a bit more time as the modeling and rendering takes more time than drawing. The budget for 3D animations are typically higher than 2D because of the extra work the animators and designers need to put into the project, but we at Animatter Studio continually surprise our clients with our better than expected prices. Contact us now and see how we can help you with our 3D animation skills!

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