2D Animations production

If you think about animation, you probably think mostly about 2D animation. This means that the image you see is flat, with only two dimensions — height and width, but with no actual depth like the frames of 3D animation have. Two-dimensional animation is pretty much just a series of sequences that are drawn on paper like they used to do in the golden days of animation. If you take a pen and paper and draw a bunny on it, it’s a 2D image. If you draw another bunny with a slight change in the expression and then look very fast between the two images, you will start to see that it feels like the bunny is moving. That’s how animation works. It is one image followed by another but with a slight difference, and there are 24 of these images per second which makes it appear fluid to the human eye/brain.

2D animations are used for regular cartoons like The Simpsons, Peppa Pig, etc., but the technique is not only suitable for kids. You can also create all sorts of awesome explainer videos, impressive advertisements, cool titles and transitions and much more using 2D animations. In fact, most of the marketing animations — what you see on YouTube and TV-ads tend to be 2D animation.

Benefits of 2D animations for marketing videos

  • It is often cheaper to produce 2D animation than 3D animation or filmed video.
  • There are a lot of people who say they can animate in 2D (even if the quality is mostly sub-par).
  • Basic 2D animations are faster to produce because the render times are much quicker.
  • There are many cases which are easier to explain and understand in a simple 2D animation form, compared to 3D or filmed video.

2D animations can also fake the look of a 3D animation. Just think of when you draw a vase and then add shadow to the sides to make it look more of a cylindrical form. In fact, all drawings and paintings are 2D, even when they sometimes look pretty photo realistic. There’s even an art form called hyperrealism that aims to achieve this realistic look in 2D art. But, if you really need your marketing / advertising video or an element in it to look really realistic, 3D animation is what you are looking for.

Nowadays, 2D animations are done on a computer, naturally. Only a handful of very artsy commercial animations which want to emphasize the manual artisanship for some very specific reason use hand-drawn animations. But that’s not only much more expensive, but also mostly unnecessary, as it is possible to achieve this hand-drawn look perfectly on a computer much more easily and therefore more cost-efficient as well. The characters or environments can (and often are) drawn by hand anyway, just straight onto a tablet with a digital pen which imports the image on the computer display in real time and which helps to modify and multiply the image drawn as well as its elements and this saves a lot of time. And time equals money.

So, choose 2D animations for your explainer videos and commercial advertising clips when you need a cost-efficient solution, want a quick delivery time and don’t need a specific cinematic experience, but rather something that’s quite straightforward, more simple and clear.

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